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keys to therapeutic help psychotherapy and growth

I have over my many years as a therapist also developed special tools and protocols that will assist clients in getting to where they want to go faster.

All of the tools I use are under the umbrella of Strategic Therapy.  

Briefly, Strategic Therapy is a client-focused approach that honors each client and the situation that they are facing as unique. Consequently I approach each client with a tailored focus adapted to their concerns and offer tools that are best suited to meet their needs.

My Therapy Tools

Tools I use

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Susan Cohn, MFT & LCSW

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

21710 Stevens Creek Boulevard - Suite 101

Cupertino, CA 95014-1179

(408) 257-5772

Psychodynamic Exploration facilitates bringing to our awareness an understanding of why and how we developed the behaviors and attitudes that guide us through our lives.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy involves a variety of tools to help us shift our thinking into ways that facilitate rather than deter us in relationships, life goals and positive self-regard.

Assertiveness Training helps individuals who have a hard time standing up for their rights or vocalizing their needs to another person.  

Communication Skills Training helps people to learn to listen and speak in a way that leads to resolution of problems.

Conflict Negotiation examines how we can work with conflict situations in order to reach mutually agreeable goals.

Coaching is offered to clients who want support in clarifying their goals and the pathway to reach them. It involves developing a course of action broken down in steps. A client agrees to fulfill these steps within a certain time-frame. If this does not occur, we explore the blocks on multiple levels to help clear the path to continue forward movement.

Guided Imagery and Art Therapy are tools into our unconscious. Pictures often help us to ap into our underlying motivations and blocks.

Stress Management incorporates learning breathing techniques, learning how to manage our thoughts that cause stress, and learning how to compartmentalize the stresses we are under so that they don’t overwhelm us.

The Self Workbook offers a wide range of tools that helps people to work on issues on their own. This includes learning how to write out inner dialogues, create inner role models, observe behaviors they want to change, as well as track and understand dreams.   

EMDR is a specific tool that requires intensive training.  It stands for Eye Movement Desensitization reprocessing. It assists people in reducing the effects of post-traumatic stress. Typically I use a tool that involves bilateral tactile stimulation while assisting the client in working through the impact of the stress.  

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Therapy is both a science and an art.

The greatest tool I can offer any client walking in the door is myself. My being present to a client’s concerns. My ability to quickly discern the root of a problem. My resourcefulness and my humor.