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Sometimes we become prisoners of our own fears.

For most of us it is an occasional sleepless night when stress has been high.  

For some of us, it is a daily struggle.

When we find that we have panic attacks, difficulty sleeping or being able to relax, medication can be useful to help us get back on track.

Medication is not always necessary. There is much we can do to reduce anxiety on our own.

The genesis of anxiety goes back to our early caveman roots and the flight or fight response.  

While we have progressed a lot since then, our bodies still respond to our primitive programing.  This is complicated by the fact that our developed cerebral cortex is capable of thinking of scary thoughts and potentially dangerous consequences very quickly and our primitive self responds as if the threat is eminent.

Therapy centers around recognizing our thought triggers and utilizing a variety of tools to reduce their impact.  This can range from reframing to breathing and progressive relaxation.

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Overcoming Anxiety

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