Work-Life Balance

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As a parent I often thought of the phrase “How can I be two places at once, when I’m no where at all?”

There were times when I was at work all I thought about was home and when I was home all I thought about was work.

II had to learn several skills in order to keep myself from feeling like I was drowning.  I had to learn to:       Honor my limits



While the definition of what a balanced life looks like will shift from person to person, the core component is having enough time and energy to enjoy your children, your partner and your life.

I find, for most of us, that means that we have to be attuned to when our limits of patience or energy are waning.  Anger is often a sign that our life is not in balance.  Couples often come in because of their frustration and pain they experience in their relationship…and often that is directly connected to exhaustion.  

They blame each other for what hasn’t gotten done rather than to examine the price they may be paying for expectations that are not aligned with what we realistically can do. Often this anger and frustration is displaced onto their kids and irritability becomes the family norm.   

To change, parents and their children  have to evaluate where there energy is going, what goals they really want to embrace and how to have enough time care for themselves so that they have the energy to work on achieving these goals.