With any change, we feel uncertainty and some fear as we struggle with our new identity.

Even with changes we want (a move to a new home or job) we will still experience some grief over what we had and now miss.

My goal with clients who are going through a life transition is to help them be as proactive as possible.

Initially it means getting clarity as to what options they have and what each option would entail (not just in their lifestyle, but for those they are close too).

Once a client is clear about the direction they need to go, we would then create an action plan broken down into small doable steps.

Along the way, we will often explore the many emotions that come up as they let go of where they were and move forward.                                                 

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Dealing with Life Transitions

Sometimes we can plan a transition before it occurs such as when we choose to have a baby or to retire.

Other transitions may be forced on us when we have to relocate, go through a divorce, or a layoff.

Whether a transition is forced on us or not, many of the emotional and mental struggles will still have some similarities.