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None of us can escape loss and grief in our lives.

Even though we can try and prepare ourselves for some of our loses, when they come we cannot help but respond to the pain of the experience.

Grief and Loss

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For most of us, the initial encountering of a loss or death, is to feel a sense of unreality  or detachment about it.

This is often experienced as “going through the motions of getting through the event”.   

At some point in time, the emotions (and their physical counterparts) come out.

While sadness is usually a part of grief, we also often experience anger, fear and guilt.  

Physically we may have headaches, muscle-aches, stomachaches and difficulty in basics like eating, breathing , concentrating or sleeping.  

The level of grief we experience is usually related to the level of impact the loss has on our lives.  We may grieve over the loss of a loved one, financial status, health, job or home.

Stress management is critical in grief since grief often impacts are basic functioning.  

I am able to assist you through the process of grief and to help you regain a sense of balance in your life.