General Family Issues

Good parenting is a challenge.

Many of us are trying to juggle so much that just getting through each day seems daunting.   

We can’t count that our kids will be cooperative with us or each other.

    Often, we develop poor coping strategies to get     through the stress. For some parents it results in       yelling, for others giving in.

Frequently I see couples come in who are struggling with different parenting styles and goals for their children.  This is especially true when I see couples struggling with step-parenting issues.

Sometimes I see the whole family, but often I meet with only the parents.

My first goal is to help both parents clarify what their goals and issues are and how to effectively communicate and negotiate with each other about how they want their children raised and the issues their family is encountering.

I also help my clients to have  better family relationships by also focusing on enhancing communication and achieving work-life balance.

Typically I meet once a week until the parents and/or family members feel they have developed the tools they need to manage issues on their own.  Then, I meet with the parents or families on an as needed basis to help reinforce their new strategies.

family communication

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